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Predictor of the Future - Chapter 21

Title: Predictor of the Future
Writer: Tacuma
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Chapter: 21
Genre: AU, romance, friendship, angst
Word count: 3382 words
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis

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Chapter 21

It was only a few weeks after the Queen had left that a new ruler was chosen for the part of the country where Duke Sengoku had ruled before. It hadn't been a hard decision, because Duke Akazawa was the most important man of the area now. He moved into the house where Sengoku had lived and took over his jobs and tasks. Soon everybody was used to this new situation like it had been like this forever.

A more important decision and an bigger change was the fact that the King had to choose another wife and the country would have another Queen. The people of the country had heard a fake story about what happened to the former Queen, so they would understand why a new one was chosen.

Fuji wasn't looking forward to the picking of the new Queen. He remembered last time a little too well and he knew it would be exactly the same this time. The King would just chose his women because of their bodies and looks and not because of who they were or what they could or could not do. The King didn't seem to mind if they were idiots, as long as they pleasured him in his bed.

The Seer hoped he had learned from the last Queen. She had not been just about looks. She had brains and she had helped him often in difficult situations. Hopefully the King would remember that when he would see all the girls with their big boobs and tiny waists. Those things would blind the King and hide the brains of the girl. Fuji was not looking forward to help the King to make a decision.

All the women came from important and rich families, but when they had the opportunity to become the most important woman of the country they forgot about all their manners. They flirted with their bodies to get the attention of a man they didn't even know.

Fuji met Tezuka in the hall way that lead to the room where the girls would be waiting for them.

'Looking forward to take a good look at a bunch of hot girls?' Fuji asked with a grin on his face. He knew Tezuka didn't like these kind of things at all. He probably hated it more than Fuji did.

'No,' was all the older boy said in reply.

Fuji laughed. 'Me neither. How can I chose a good wife for the King if I don't like girls myself? I don't really understand his feelings. I don't understand what he likes about a woman. I don't know why he likes big boobs so much, since I'm not interested at all.'

'Maybe that makes it easier for you,' said Tezuka. 'You're no biased. You don't like the looks of the girl, so you can take a better look at her personality. That should make your decision easier.'

'But I can understand the King would want a wife that looks cute or sexy,' said Fuji. 'He would want a wife that looks lovely, so all other men will be jealous of him. I guess I will take a look at the personalities then and you should decide who looks the best, so we can together help the King with his decision.'

Tezuka raised an eyebrow as he looked at his friend. He would probably never stop teasing him, but somehow he didn't really mind. 'I think picking a partner for somebody else is always a difficult thing to do,' he said, changing the subject. 'I wouldn't be able to pick one for you either. You only know what kind of partner is suitable for yourself and some people don't even know that much.'

'I'm glad I can chose my own partner,' smiled Fuji. 'I don't think anybody would be able to choose the right person for me.'

'Because you have strange tastes,' joked Tezuka.

Fuji grinned. 'Don't tell that to the person I like, he might be offended!'

They pushed open the doors to the room and entered it. All the women in the room stood up, but when they noticed neither of the two men were the King, they sat down again. A few servants were walking around and were preparing everything. They made a place for Tezuka and Fuji to sit. The young Seer sat down. On purpose he acted with more air than he normally did. The arrogant girls should know that they were less important than he was. He had a lot of influence on the King and they didn't have any of that yet.

Tezuka took care of their attitude. He stepped forward towards the women and welcomed them. He introduced himself as the King's personal advisor and subtly explained he and Fuji had a lot to say about who of them would become the new Queen. Suddenly the girls showed a lot more respect. Tezuka turned around and sat down next to Fuji. The girls started chatting softly with each other.

'I hope your father will get better soon,' said Fuji. He hadn't asked where Tezuka's father was, but he looked into the past and had seen the man had fallen ill. 'Seeing the look on your face you wish he was here to help us.'

'I do,' answered Tezuka. 'I don't like to take over his job already. Everybody thinks I'm still way too young for that.'

The doctor had told Tezuka Kuniharu to stay in bed for a few days. He had a fever and once that was down and he felt better he could go back to work. Until then Tezuka had to take over most of his jobs. The sick man really minded it that he couldn't help his son and the King to find the new Queen. Instead he told his son all the things he had to pay attention to. Together they had made an entire list, an even longer one then when they had chosen Tachibana Ann as Queen. There was no time for a third Queen, this had to be the right one.

When the King entered the room everybody stood up. He walked to his throne and on his way he nodded to Tezuka and Fuji. He hardly even looked at the girls, but they didn't really seem to notice. Almost all of them were blushing and some were giggling. The King was in his thirties, but he was looking very good. They didn't seem to notice he wasn't in the best of moods. Tezuka and Fuji both noticed and prayed that his would end well.

'Sit, sit,' the King said to the girls as he sat down himself. 'So, let's see what we got here today. I'm going to have a little chat with all of you. Alone.'

Some girls started squealing when they heard those words, but the King raised his hand and they became quiet again. They didn't want to have a bad start with their potential husband.

'These two men are my advisor and my Seer. They will help me with making this decision, so they will be around when I talk to all of you separately. They know what kind of woman I am looking for, so do not try to impress me with your body too much, they will be watching.'

'Sounds like he learned a little from last time,' whispered Fuji softly. He and Tezuka watched as all the girls were taken away to another room. They approached the King and showed him their list of points. He read it and told them which points were the most important and which they could forget about. The two of them could see that he King had changed the last few years and even more by the incident with Duke Sengoku. He was more serious about his future wife now. He didn't care anymore if the girls were virgins or not, nor did he care if they were blond, brunette or if they had black hair.

Tezuka went to get the first girl. She wasn't a 'girl' anymore, she was in her late twenties, so she was a woman. Most of these women had already been married, but their husbands had passed away or they had broken up with him. One of them had been ill and never had been strong enough to start a family, but she had healed and wanted a relationship.

One by one they explained their reasons they wanted to marry the King. Hardly any of them lied this time. It made Fuji's job easier. He didn't really like to expose lies of other people, because they always had a reason to hide the truth and those reasons were never pleasant. A few girls lied about their age, but that was because they were so much younger than the King and they wanted to show that they were mature enough to become the Queen.

Of course there were still girls that tried to show off their good looks. They were wearing low cut dresses or really short ones. The King couldn't keep his eyes away from them, but Tezuka and Fuji could see he was really trying his best to have a normal conversation with them.

'I think he really learned from last time,' said Tezuka when he had brought the last girl back to the other room. The King had already left the room. He was on his way to the dining room where a servant would also take all the girls for lunch. 'He doesn't seem to prefer the flirty, sexy and half naked girls over the normal girls anymore.'

Fuji shrugged. 'I can't really tell. There are a few different futures and all include a different girl. He might not have changed as much as we thought and hoped.'

'That would be very disappointing,' Tezuka sighed. 'We have to make sure he will make a good decision.'

'We won't disappoint your father,' smiled Fuji. He knew Tezuka wanted to make his father proud. He put his list on the table and they compared them to Tezuka's list. They were very much alike, so it wasn't too hard for them to pick a few favorites. After that they went to the dining room as well to have lunch. In the dining room for the servants that is, because they weren't welcome to join the King and the women for lunch this time. It was probably because Tezuka Kuniharu wasn't there, but Tezuka and Fuji didn't mind. It gave them more time to discuss the girls without anybody hearing them.

When they all returned to the room everybody was exited, because the King would announce which girl he liked the most. Tezuka and Fuji hoped they could talk to him alone first, so they could try to find out which one was his favorite and if necessary they could try to change his mind. Luckily for them he did talk to them before he would tell the girls which of them was the lucky one.

The girls were once again waiting in the other room when the King took Tezuka and Fuji aside to hear their opinions. They handed him their list with names and he handed them the list he made. They read them and found out they were completely different.

'I don't want a wife that will speak up to me,' said the King. 'I don't want them to betray me again and they will if they get the opportunity, so I want a girl who will listen to me, no matter what will happen. I want a woman who will look up to me and who will do anything I ask her to do.'

'You're talking about a servant, Your Majesty,' said Fuji. 'They are here to do anything you ask them to do and to listen to you, no matter what. But you're picking a wife. Don't you want her to be different from a servant? You're not trying to find a slave, you are trying to find yourself a wife that you will spend the rest of your life with.'

Fuji had spoken, because Tezuka didn't do it, even though it was his job to advise to King. He knew he had said too much, but he didn't want things to go this way. He didn't want one of those girls to feel unhappy for the rest of her life, while the King didn't care about her and did whatever he wanted to do.

King Atobe was seriously angry because of Fuji's words. But at least he had started thinking about his choice and that was the most important for Fuji.

'Alright, let's compromise,' he said. 'I will not choose the dumb girl with the big boobs, but I'm not marrying that girl that knew everything better than anybody else. She is annoying, she talked to much and was fake friendly. I have experience with such women and I did not like it.'

Fuji felt bad for the Queen. She hadn't been like that at all. Her friendliness had been real and she didn't talk too much at all. Maybe with her maids, but not when the King was around. She wouldn't have dared to.

'I will pick this girl instead,' continued the King. He pointed at a name on the list.

Tezuka and Fuji's eyes opened wide. This was something they hadn't expected to happen. It was a name that was almost at the end of their list, but not because she was dumb, flirty or way too talkative. She was incredibly shy.

'Why her, Your Majesty?' Fuji asked. At the same time he was searching through the girls past and her future. 'Her father is an important man, but her mother is the teacher at the little school within the walls of the castle.'

'I know that,' said the King. 'But she was raised by her father, so I'm sure it will be fine. She has manners. Maybe she became like this because her mother is of no importance. She didn't have an attitude like most of the other girls.'

She didn't have any attitude at all, Fuji agreed with that, but she didn't have anything else either. She was boring.

'You don't mind that she is very shy?' Fuji asked. 'So shy that she stuttered the entire time she was here with you. She blushed every time you said something to her and she stayed at least two meters away from you the entire time. You really don't mind that?'

'What is your point, Seer?' asked the King angry. 'I thought you always thought it was important to let commoners into the castle, so we could learn about the world outside! A commoner like you! Want me to pick the big boobed full nobility girl instead? Or shall I let the guard throw you out of the castle?'

'No, Your Majesty,' said Fuji while he bowed. 'I do not wish either of that, I just want to see you happy, that is all. I want to be sure this is the girl you want to marry.'

'Be sure already, because I'm not going to pick another girl,' the most important man of the country answered. 'All she has to do is give me a son. For my pleasure or for talking I will go to somebody else, I don't need a wife who can do all kind of great things. She has to shut up and bare me a son!' With that said the King stormed out of the room.

'But, Your Majesty,' started Fuji again. The door opened again and the furious eyes looked at the Seer.

'I do think you should pick another wife, for everybody's sake.'

'One more word and I will personally chop your head off!' shouted the King before he slammed the door shut.

Fuji looked at Tezuka. They both sighed. They were the ones who would have to bring the news to the girls and to Tezuka's father. Neither would be easy.

'I'll tell the girls, could you please tell my father?' asked Tezuka.

Fuji shook his head. 'You will have to tell the girls, but you will have to tell your father as well. Don't worry, he won't be angry. And I'll come with you, if that is worth anything.'

'Thank you,' said Tezuka.

Together they walked to the room where the girls were waiting. They all became quiet the moment the door opened and Tezuka and Fuji entered. Completely different than the first time that happened this day.

'It was a difficult decision for His Majesty, the King, but he has chosen his new wife,' said Tezuka. 'The girl who will become the next Queen is Sakuno-san.'

All the girls started to protest or cry or scream. They did not agree to this and all of them had their own reasons for not agreeing. Tezuka lifted his hand to make them shut up. It worked, although it took a few moments.

'I'm very sorry for all the others who were not chose, but I thank you very much for coming, the King enjoyed your company. You can all stay for dinner if you want, but if you would prefer to leave, these servants will lead you to your horse or carriage. Sakuno-san, you can also leave if you want, you will receive a letter with more information soon. You will get to stay here at the castle for a few weeks before your marriage, so you can get to know his Majesty a little better. But you can stay with your family until you are being asked for.'

The girl nodded. She was twenty-eight, but she looked like she was sixteen and she also behaved like that. She didn't dare to speak to the two men in front of her. As soon as she could she left, while a lot of the other girls started to talk to each other again about the strange decision the King had made.

'I really don't understand why he chose her,' sighed Fuji as they left the room and went to visit Tezuka's father on the second floor. 'He really just wants her to bare him and son without complaining, because she is the only one of the girls who wouldn't dare to complain to him. Or to say anything to him at all. I wonder if he will manage to get her in his bed. She is probably too shy for that as well. I don't like to see such things, but she is still a virgin.'

Tezuka had a small smile on his face. 'You really mind it that he chose her, don't you?'

'I do,' sighed Fuji. 'For a lot of reasons. I tried everything to change his mind, but he didn't want to listen at all.'

'Let it be,' said Tezuka. 'There is nothing you can do about it and there is nothing you can do to help her. She will have to learn to live with him and he will probably have to learn to live with her as well.'

'I don't think so,' said Fuji. 'He will do whatever he wants. I feel sorry for her.'

Tezuka knocked on the door of his parents room and when he heard his father's reply he entered. Fuji joined him as well and they told him the outcome of the day. Fuji didn't say anything about how much he disliked it that the King had chosen this woman, but Tezuka Kuniharu noticed it anyway.

'You two did whatever you could,' he said. 'The King is a stubborn men. You two did well. Sorry I couldn't help you.'

'It's fine,' said Tezuka. 'You should get better soon, so you can help when she will come back to get used to the life here. She will have a hard time and she will need all the help she can get.'

After talking a little more Tezuka and Fuji left the sick man alone again, so he could sleep.

'Want to go outside for a while?' Tezuka asked. The King probably didn't want to see either of them at the moment, still pissed about what happened before, so they had some time for themselves.

'I'm sorry,' said Fuji. 'I have to talk to sensei first now.'

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