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Predictor of the Future - Chapter 23

Title: Predictor of the Future
Writer: Tacuma811
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Chapter: 23
Genre: AU, romance, friendship, angst
Word count: 2464 words
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis
Warning: Well, there is some sexual content. Just talking about it, nothing really happens. But Tezuka is pretty OOC, sorry about that.

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Chapter 23

'No, you're tall an broad!' laughed Fuji. 'Don't worry about that, I'm sure a lot of people will like the way you look. I sure do!'

He was talking to one of a mailman at the back door. The door was only used by the staff, but most staff members weren't allowed to go outside, so it was hardly used at all. Fuji wasn't allowed to go outside either, but the mailman, of course, could come and go whenever he wanted. Fuji had seen the man a few times and he had spoken with him now and then, but never like this.

'But look at my arms, no muscles at all!' said the guy as he squeezed his upper arms.

Fuji laughed again and showed his own upper arms. There were a lot thinner than the ones of the mailman. No muscles at all.

'Really, what are you complaining about?' asked Fuji. 'I'm supposed to be a man, but I have such a feminine body! You shouldn't complain, compared to me you are so muscular!'

'But your femininity is your charm point!' said the mailman. 'You should be proud of it and make good use of it! I'm sure you can charm both women and men and make them do whatever you want!'

'Men wouldn't want me,' said Fuji. 'They want pretty ladies with big boobs and long legs. I don't have either. Why would any man like me?'

'The mailman bend forward a little. 'I'm into girls, I love the big boobs and long legs too, but I would be able to spend a very wonderful night with you,' he whispered.

Fuji blushed a little. He looked away from the mailman and acted like he was shy.

'Every man would get turned on if they would get to see that cute blushing face of yours. I'm sure you get any man you wanted! Give them what they want and they will give you what you want!'

Fuji acted like he was shocked. 'I would never spread my legs for just any man! You think I'm like that? I can do things on my own, I don't need the help of stronger or more powerful guys!'

'I didn't mean that,' said the mailman quickly. 'Showing them your cute blushing cheeks with that sexy look in your eyes would be enough to give them sleepless nights for weeks. That is all you have to do to make them do anything for you!'

'Would you do anything for me?' Fuji asked, giving the sexy look the other guy had been talking about.

The mailman laughed. 'I would, I would for sure.' The rest of his words were a soft whisper again. 'If you let me jerk off while thinking of you every night.'

Fuji gave the other a friendly punch against his upper arm. 'Like I can stop you from doing that!'

'True, you can't,' answered the other. 'But if you would ask something big of me I would want to do it while you are watching me with that fierce blue eyes. I'm sure I could do it more than once then. The only pleasure bigger than that would be actually doing it with you.'

'Are you trying to seduce me?' asked Fuji playful. 'You pervert. No lady would be charmed by such words. I might be a guy, but I do not like such words either!'

'You don't look like you dislike it!' grinned the mailman.

'Fuji, you're needed,' sounded a voice behind them.

The Seer turned around and the mailman looked up. Tezuka stood there, holding a box in his arms. The mailman looked angry at Tezuka and Tezuka glared back at him. Fuji's grin grew wider every second.

'I'll help then,' said Fuji. He turned back to the mailman and smiled at him. 'Don't forget to deliver my letter, alright? See you later!'

'I sure hope so!' smiled the mailman before he walked through the door and left.

'What was that about?' Tezuka asked. The angry look hadn't disappeared from his face.

'I'm not allowed to send any letters,' explained Fuji. 'So I flirted with the mailman a little and made him take my letter anyway. He was telling me I could get everything done if I would show my sexy face to someone. But he was stupid enough to fall for the trick himself. Or maybe he wanted to be tricked. He said I could make every man dream of me or let them have sleepless nights because of me. He is one of them now.'

'The things he was saying to you were too much,' said Tezuka.

'I know,' answered Fuji. 'But I couldn't stop him from saying that. I tried to make him leave already, but he stayed and talked. I thought I could never get rid of him. So thank you for helping me out there. Who needs my help and what for?'

'Nobody needs your help,' said Tezuka.

'You lied?!' asked Fuji, more shocked that Tezuka was capable of lying than that he was angry that he was being lied to. 'Why? Did you want to get rid of the mailman so badly?'

'I wanted to stop that conversation before he would go even further and touch you or something like that,' said Tezuka. He has started walking, taking the box to wherever it belonged.

'Oh, you wanted to protect me?' Fuji laughed. 'Thank you for that, Mr. Knight in shining armor! Or were you just jealous of him, because I was flirting back?'

Tezuka blushed. He started to walk faster so Fuji wouldn't see it. The Seer had to run a little to keep up with him. 'I was right, wasn't I? Your cheeks are red! I was right!'

Angrily Tezuka suddenly stopped walking. Fuji bumped almost into him. 'So what if I'm jealous, it's not like you care!'

He walked away again, even quicker than before. He stormed through the hall, up the stairs to the second floor. He walked to his room, opened the door and slammed it shut behind him. He put the box on the floor and sat down on his bed.

Fuji was flabbergasted. He ran after Tezuka, but his friend was a lot quicker. Luckily he knew where Tezuka was heading to. He followed him and knocked on the closed door. When he didn't get a reply he just opened the door, stepped in and closed it behind him again.

'I do care,' he said. 'I've known you for so long. You were always the one who helped me out, of course I care.'

He sat down on the bed, next to the King's advisor. He just stared at the wall, just like Tezuka was doing. They sat there for a few minutes before Tezuka spoke.

'Why did you ever become friends with me?' he asked. 'You could have been friends with everybody. They all adored you, especially Kikumaru and Saeki, but you always came to eat lunch and dinner with me when we were still in school. Even when I was working here already and you were still in school. You could have spent your time with your friends instead of with me.'

'But you were my friend too,' said Fuji. 'I looked up at you. You were tall, strong and really cool. You were, and you still are, much more serious than the others, but that makes you more reliable. When I first arrived here at the castle you showed me around. I didn't know what to think of you, or of the other kids in our class. I didn't know who I should become friend with, so I looked into the future. I searched through my different futures and there were good friends in all of them, but you were the only one that appeared in every single one of them. That is why I wanted to be your friend. You would still be there when I would be all grown up, while most of the others would have other people in their lives who were more important to them. You see it, now that Saeki is married I have hardly seen him. I'm not so important anymore. But you're not like that.'

'So based on the future you befriended me?' Tezuka asked.

'Not just that. If I hadn't liked you I wouldn't have stayed around you for so many years already. Remember when we had chosen the second Queen. We talked about how hard it is to find a partner for somebody else. You said you wouldn't know who to pick for me, because I had strange tastes.'

'I remember,' said Tezuka. 'You said that the man you liked could be offended if I said that.'

Fuji grinned. 'I did. But my taste is not that strange. Even back then I had fallen for a very handsome and very smart man. I'm sure you don't think he is strange!'

Tezuka looked at his friend. 'Who is it?' he asked. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know, because there was a big chance he knew the person Fuji liked.

'You of course,' answered the Seer, his smile never disappearing. 'Who else?'

Tezuka blinked a few times, not believing what Fuji told him. 'You do have strange taste then,' he said. 'Why do you fall for a man like me when you get any man you want?'

'Why would I want anybody else?' Fuji laughed. 'Like I said, you are handsome and smart! But you're also tall, strong, caring, honest, reliable and you have a great sense of justice. What else could I possible ask for?'

'Someone who will do fun things with you, someone you can talk to?' Tezuka asked.

'I can talk to you! I'm talking to you now, right? And nobody could really take me out to do fun things. We're all locked up within these walls. So tell me, if you were jealous, does that mean you didn't like me flirting with the mailman because you like me yourself?'

'I'm not sure,' answered Tezuka.

'Then think about it,' said the Seer. 'Are there things you would want to do with me you would never want to do with anybody else?'

Tezuka blushed bright red again. Fuji laughed. 'I was talking about dates, spending evenings hugging and talking and feeding me food when I'm ill.'

'I wouldn't mind that when it's you.'

'Would you might if it's one of your other friends?' Fuji asked.

'Oishi?' Tezuka asked.

'For example.'

'I wouldn't be able to do that with Oishi. He is friendly, but…'

'No need to tell me, I'm just very glad to hear that,' smiled Fuji. 'You are the only one who is allowed to wrap his arms around me and hold me. Nobody else can touch me.'

Tezuka looked at the Seer, wondering if he was expecting something from him. The smile on Fuji's face never changed. When Tezuka didn't move, Fuji wrapped his arms around Tezuka's waist. Tezuka stiffened, but when Fuji told him to relax, he did so and wrapped his arms around Fuji's shoulders.

After a few moments Fuji moved away. 'See, you like me too,' he said. 'So don't worry when I'm flirting to the mailman again. I only do that to get something done. You have always been the only one I like.'

The Seer stood up and pressed a kiss on Tezuka's nose. 'Please remember that. You don't have to give me an answer now, I understand you want to think about it. Since we probably can't have a relationship like anybody else. I wouldn't mind giving up my ability for you, but I would get kicked out of the castle. I prefer being here with you and do nothing else than kissing than that I would make love to you and hardly being able to see you anymore.'

'I hadn't even thought about that,' said Tezuka a bit confused. He didn't know what to think anymore. His emotions and hormones were running through his body and he couldn't think straight anymore.

'Take your time,' smiled Fuji. He turned around and walked out of the room. He knew he was being selfish, wanting Tezuka to give up a wonderful love live to spend the rest of his life with him, someone who could never satisfy him. But he wanted to be selfish. He wanted to be loved. Not by anyone, but by this man.

The happy smile changed into a sad smile. The Seer already regretted the things he had said and done. He had made Tezuka confused. Tezuka was a man who didn't want to disappoint people and he might feel forced to say 'yes' and start a relationship with Fuji. That is not something the Seer wanted. He wanted it to be real.

He arrived at the stairs and was ready to walk down when he heard someone call his name. Surprised he turned around and saw Tezuka running through the hall way.

'Is something wrong?' Fuji asked. He had never seen Tezuka with such an expression.

'No, nothing is wrong, something is good,' the young advisor of the King said. 'You and I are good. We've been together for so many years and I always enjoyed spending time with you and if we could add kissing to that I would be happy. But we never did anything more than that and I've been happy, so why would I miss it in the future? You can't have it, so I don't need it either. I'd rather be happy with you in a relationship without sex than that I will search for a girl who can give me sex and children, but who I can't enjoy it with.'

Fuji's blue eyes widened. 'Are you sure?'

'Would I tell you this if I wasn't sure?'

Fuji grinned. 'No, you're not the type to tell lies or say things he doesn't mean. I like that about you.'

'Just that?' joked Tezuka.

'Hmm, maybe another thing or two, like your very handsome face and the hottest body around the castle?'

'That sounds better,' the bespectacled man answered, trying not to blush once more when hearing those words.

'So, why would you chose me instead of a hot girl or a sexy boy?' Fuji asked.

'Apart from your mesmerizing eyes you have the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Almost like an angel, while your personality can get very twisted, which does not make you an angel, but which makes you the most interesting person in my life.'

Fuji smiled. 'I wouldn't want you to get bored!'

Laughing they went downstairs together. Most people knew the two of them were close friends, but whoever saw them walking together wondered why they were looking both so happy today.

This is me

Hi, I'm Tacuma! I guess the only way to describe me is: hyperactive TezuFuji fangirl, even thought I'm not very hyperactive in RL. More like extremely lazy ^_^"

Like I said, TezuFuji, it's my OTP of OTP's. I write fanfiction about them. At the moment I'm writing Detective Tezuka, a multichapter detective story, and Prince of the Rings, a PoT and LOTR crossover. Please read them and let me know what you think ^_^

I'm also a c(r)osplayer. You can find photos here on my journal. I cosplay Tezuka and luckily my cosplay-Fuji is not afraid of a little TezuFuji love XD I hope I can cosplay Rosalina from the Mario series soon. I <3 Nintendo

This beautiful lay-out is made by elysis! A present for my 22nd birthday! Thank you so much Ely-chan!

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