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Predictor of the Future - Chapter 2

Title: Predictor of the Future
Writer: Tacuma
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Chapter: 2/26 (probably)
Genre: AU, romance, friendship, angst
Word count: 1715 words
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis

Previous Chapters: 1 |

Chapter 2

'I'm Tezuka Kunimitsu, nice to meet you.'

Fuji looked at the boy in front of him. He looked exactly like his father, only smaller. 'I'm Fuji Syuusuke,' he answered a little shy. With his father around he had been brave, but now that he was alone and surrounded by strangers he didn't feel comfortable anymore. There was nobody left who would protect him now.

'Kunimitsu, could you show Fuji-kun around? He will get the empty bedroom at the end of the right hall on the second floor. Take him to the tailor to take his measurements and show him the most important places. Don't forget the school.'

'Yes, Otou-san,' answered his son. The man walked away and the younger Tezuka turned to Fuji.

'How old are you?'

'Five,' answered Fuji.

'You're really young to be a servant of the King. I'm seven.'

'Are you also a servant?' asked Fuji curiously.

'No, I'm training to become the King's advisor, like my father. Follow me, I'll show you your room.'

They climbed a few stairs and took the right hall way on the second floor. There were doors on both sides, but all of them were closed. They stopped at the last one.

'This is your room,' said Tezuka. He opened the door and showed it to the younger boy. 'You're young to have a room for yourself, but most servants are older than you.'

Fuji wasn't listening. He climbed on the bed and looked out of the small window. He had a view over a nice little square where lots of people were working and walking around.

'We'll go outside later, please follow me.'

Obediently Fuji jumped off the bed again and followed the older boy through the hall way again. They went down the stairs to the basement.

'Here is the kitchen,' explained Tezuka. 'Here you can get your breakfast in the morning. There is a dining area here, there we eat our meals. We will grab lunch with the entire class and dinner as well, but you have to go and get breakfast by yourself.'

He took Fuji upstairs again and this time they left the castle and walked outside. Fuji noticed he was on the square he could see from his bedroom window. It was lively. Kids were running around, adults were carrying things into the castle or were working in front of the little houses. There were even a few animals. A few dogs were walking around and as soon as Fuji stepped outside a black cat walked towards him. Fuji kneeled down and patted the animal's head, but Tezuka told him to hurry up.

Fuji noticed there were a lot of small houses on the square. It were houses, but they looked like shops as well. He noticed something that looked like a bakery, a smith and he also found the tailor. It was like the castle had its own market. But Tezuka took him to another building first. It was bigger than most others.

'This is the school,' explained Tezuka. 'All the kids of the people who work at the castle will go here. One day they will work at the castle themselves.'

Fuji looked around the school building. There were a lot of tables and chairs. He had never been to a school. His mother had learned him a few things, but they never had enough money to actually go to school.

'This is Ryuuzaki-sensei, she is our teacher,' continued Tezuka.

There was an old brown-haired woman standing in front of them who looked curiously at Fuji.

'Who are you? I haven't seen you around here!'

'I'm Fuji Syuusuke,' Fuji introduced himself again.

'And will you join my class, Fuji-kun?' asked the woman.

Fuji looked at Tezuka. He wasn't sure. He wasn't sure about anything here at the castle. He didn't understand what he was supposed to do.

'He will be working for King Atobe, but my father said he will be going to school as well. He will only have to work when the King will need him.'

'How old are you, Fuji-kun?'

'Five,' answered the little boy.

'And what will you be doing for the King?

'He wants me to tell him what will happen in the future.'

Ryuuzaki-sensei raised her eyebrows. 'You can look into the future?' she asked. The boy nodded. 'That is something the King will indeed like very much. Don't your parents mind?'

'Daddy brought me here,' answered Fuji with a smile. 'He said I would be very useful!'

'I can imagine,' said the teacher with a frown. She didn't like it at all, but she quickly hid her frown and smiled at the young boy again. 'You will be very useful and I am very happy to have such a nice kid like you in my class. Tezuka-kun, the other kids are playing outside, maybe the two of you can join them until it's time for dinner?'

Tezuka shook his head. 'We still have to go to the tailor,' he answered.

'Hurry up then, if you go now you can be done when I will take your class mates for dinner. You wouldn't want to miss dinner, would you?'

The two boys hurried out of the little school again and ran to the house of the tailor. Fuji looked at all the fabrics that were lying around in the room. There was a man sitting on the table. He was working with a beautiful piece of cloth, but he looked up when the door opened.

'How can I help you?' he asked.

'Fuji-kun needs some clothes,' said Tezuka.

'Fuji-kun?' asked the man as he got down from the table. 'I have never seen you before. Are you new here?'

The younger boy nodded and said he would be working for the King. The tailor didn't ask anything. He thought the kid was just mistaking and that one of his parents had started working for the King.

'Let's take your measurements then! Don't move, so I won't make your clothes too big!' The man started to measure Fuji and wrote everything he needed down.

'Now, what is your favorite color?'

'Blue,' answered Fuji.

'Good, I'll make something blue for you then! But you have to hurry now! I think I hear Ryuuzaki-sensei calling!'

The boys went outside again and joined the other kids that were gathering around their teacher. She brought them to the dining area and made sure they all got some food. Fuji had never had such tasty things before, but he hardly had time to eat. He was too busy looking around. There were so many kids and they were all talking and joking with each other. He was a little jealous, he wanted to have fun with the other kids as well. But he was sitting next to Tezuka, who didn't say a word during dinner and just focused on his food.

After dinner the group of kids went outside again. Fuji wanted to follow them and see if he could play a little with them, but Tezuka stopped him.

'It's time for bed,' he said. 'Do you remember the way to your room?'

Fuji bit his lip and shook his head.

'I'll show you again then,' answered Tezuka a little irritated. He brought Fuji to the second floor and pointed at the door that lead to his room. Fuji opened it and looked expectantly at Tezuka.

'I go to my own room now. Goodnight.'

'Nii-chan!' shouted Fuji. Tezuka turned back. 'When will daddy come back?'

'He is not coming back. You have your own room, you sleep alone.'

Tears welled in the eyes of the blue-eyed boy and they slowly ran down his cheeks. He cried and called for his mother. 'I don't want to sleep alone!'

Tezuka entered the room and sat down on the bed next to Fuji. He didn't really know what to do. He didn't have any siblings, but he had seen some of the other kids comfort each other. So he put his hand on Fuji's shoulder and patted it. Fuji buried his face in Tezuka's clothes. Tezuka awkwardly hugged the younger boy. When the crying finally stopped there was still a sad expression of Fuji's face.

'Yuuta and I always slept in a bed together. I don't want to sleep alone.'

'I'll stay,' said Tezuka. 'Go to bed, I'll stay.'

Fuji quickly undressed himself and got into the bed. He didn't have pajamas, so he slept in his underwear. He pulled the blankets over his body and then smiled at Tezuka.

'Thank you Nii-chan.'

Tezuka just nodded at him. He didn't have to wait too long. It took Fuji only a few minutes to fall asleep. He had been really tired from the long day in this new environment. When Tezuka was sure the other was asleep he walked out of the room and went to his own bed. Some of the kids who lived at the castle lived in a small house at the square with their parents, but Tezuka's parents had their own room inside the castle and kids didn't fit in there. So Tezuka and a few other kids slept in a building next to the school. There was a room for the girls and one for the boys. Every morning they could help each other and make sure they would all be in time for breakfast.

Tezuka was always one of the first to wake up. He always got himself dressed before he woke the others. As soon as they were awake they become really noisy and started yelling at each other and Tezuka liked his peace. Now he had a good excuse to leave the noise. As soon as they were all awake and out of bed he walked to the castle and knocked on Fuji's door. When there was no answer he went inside and woke the kid up.

'Wake up, you'll be late for breakfast,' said Tezuka.

Slowly Fuji opened his eyes. He didn't seem to recognize his surroundings, but when he saw Tezuka's face he looked more at ease. He quickly got out of bed and got himself dressed.

'Thank you for staying with me, Nii-chan,' he said.

Tezuka just nodded, but he wasn't planning to stay with this boy every evening.


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Oct. 26th, 2012 07:05 pm (UTC)
"thank you, nii-chan.."

aaaww~ this story is getting cuter.. i missed my 5 & 3 year-old niece and nephew..

the 2nd chappie got me thinking, since tezuka-niichan didn't like being with other noisy kids, why didn't he move into the same room as fuji-tan's? ah, must be the rank-thing.. too bad.. well, update soon pls! XD
Oct. 28th, 2012 11:29 am (UTC)
It's pretty easy, yet a little difficult to understand. If you work at the castle, you get a room. Fuji, at his young age, works there, but Tezuka doesn't, he is still in training. When he will help his father with advising the king, he can move in there as well. But the kid of the tailor can live with his parents, since they live outside of the castle. No need to go to the dorm room.

Kids can be cute ne? Yesterday my 8, 5 and 2 year old nieces were here <3
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