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Predictor of the Future - Chapter 3

Title: Predictor of the Future
Writer: Tacuma
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Chapter: 3/26 (probably)
Genre: AU, romance, friendship, angst
Word count: 1287 words
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 |

Chapter 3

Fuji's first day at school wasn't too bad. He was intrigued that he could finally join the other kids and play with them. He enjoyed the lessons and learned eagerly. He had never gone to school before.

Since there weren't too many kids at the castle all of them were in the same class, even though they were all of different ages. Kids around the same age sat together, so Fuji was separated from Tezuka, but he quickly made other friends. There was a hyperactive boy with bright red hair, named Kikumaru Eiji. He was the son of the gardener and only a few months younger than the Seer. He immediately proclaimed Fuji as his friend and made sure the new boy would call him 'Eiji'.

Eiji adored Fuji and asked him all kinds of questions about the future. Fuji couldn't answer them all, but he tried his very best. He liked the redhead and he wanted to become friends with him. But when it was time for lunch Fuji sat down next to Tezuka again. The older boy was surprised, but didn't say anything about it. Fuji just smiled at him. They ate in silence, just like the evening before.

In the afternoon the younger kids got time to play. There were too young to concentrate on classes the entire day. That would give Ryuuzaki-sensei time to teach the older kids more difficult things. Fuji and his new friend Eiji got company from a boy named Saeki Kojiroh. Saeki was the son of one of King Atobe's personal servants.

The three of them made puzzles together. Fuji was really good at it, like he had been good at answering difficult questions the teacher had asked them. He secretly used his ability to find the pieces of the puzzle and he had done the same with the questions. It was easy to look into the future or to look back in history to see other people who had answered Ryuuzaki-sensei's questions. He could even see if the answer that had been given were right or wrong.

It didn't take long before Eiji found out that Fuji was cheating, but he didn't mind at all. He started to hide things without showing Fuji where he had hid it and then asked where it was. Fuji could easily point out where it was. The three of them made a game of it and even turned it around. Fuji hid things, but his friends weren't able to find them back.

When they got bored of it they went outside to play hide and seek. As soon as Fuji stepped out of the school, the black cat walked towards him again. Fuji stroked the soft fur and softly talked to the animal.

'Who's cat is this?' he asked his friends.

'Nobody's cat,' answered Saeki. 'I don't think any of the animals here have an owner. Everybody feeds them now and then.'

'Does he have a name?'

'I just call him cat!' laughed Eiji. 'The other cats too!'

'He doesn't have another name. His name is cat!' laughed Saeki.

'I'll call him Yuuta then,' answered Fuji seriously.

'That is a stupid name,' stated Eiji and he stuck out his tongue.

'It's not!' shouted Fuji. 'Yuuta is my brother and the cat is frowning, just like Yuuta always does. That is why I will call him Yuuta!'

'You should call him Tezuka then,' grinned Saeki.

'I can't!' said Fuji. 'Tezuka is already Tezuka. The cat would be confused.' He lifted the cat in his arms and hugged it, even though the animal was rather big. 'You'll be Yuuta.'

When the other two boys started to touch the cat as well the animal jumped out of Fuji's arms and ran away. They went to play hide and seek instead. Momoshiro, the son of another servant joined them. He didn't understand why Fuji always managed to find him so quickly. After a few times Eiji couldn't hide his big grin anymore and told him why Fuji knew his hiding place so well. After that Fuji was only allowed to hide, because it was too easy for him to search for the others.

One and a half hour after the younger kids were done with school, the older kids were done as well. Some happily ran out of the warm, dusty building to finally get to play outside again. Tezuka was the last one to leave the building. As soon as he walked out, Fuji approached him.

'Do you want to play hide and seek with us?' he asked. His three friends were shocked. Tezuka never played with the other kids, he always sat somewhere with a book, but he actually said 'yes' and brought his book back inside. Fuji had a happy smile on his face and told him to hide, because it was Saeki's turn to seek them.

They played different games until it was time for dinner. They had dinner like all the other meals had been, but then it was time to go to bed.

'Nii-chan, will you come with me?' Fuji asked.

'Only today,' answered Tezuka. 'You will have to go on your own tomorrow.'

Fuji nodded and was glad Tezuka walked with him. He knew the way by now, but he was scared to go alone into the enormous castle. Just like the night before Tezuka stayed until Fuji was asleep and then left to go to his own bed.

Fuji fell asleep quickly. It had once again been a tiring day. But in the middle of the night he woke up, because he heard strange sounds. There was a storm outside. The wind was blowing and it was raining. Fuji didn't feel comfortable. He was scared. He looked around. It was completely dark in his room, so he moved the curtain a little. The light of the moon lit his room a little. He searched for Tezuka, but Tezuka wasn't there anymore.

The little Seer jumped out of his bed and opened the door, but Tezuka wasn't there either. It was completely dark in the hall way except for a single candle somewhere half way. Fuji ran and ran. He stumbled and fell on his knees, but he quickly got up again. There were tears in his eyes. Not because his knees hurt, but because he was scared. He was so scared!

He managed to find the stairs and ran down. He searched for the door. It seemed to take ages before he found it, but then he could finally go outside. He ran over the square, but by now clouds were covering the moon and it was completely dark. All doors looked alike and he didn't know which building was which. The wind was blowing and Fuji shivered in the soaked light shirt he was wearing for the night.

He walked past all the doors, but there was no light anywhere. Everyone was asleep. He knocked on a door, not knowing which door, but there was no answer. He walked to the next building and then he recognized the door. It was the door of the school! The building next to it was the place where they boys and girls were sleeping.

With new energy Fuji ran to the next door and desperately knocked on it. Nobody opened the door. The wind was blowing too hard for anyone to hear his knocks or shouts. Crying he walked to the window. Maybe if he knocked there someone would hear it. But he was too short. He couldn't reach the high windows. Crying Fuji sat down on the dirty ground. He cried for his mother and he cried for Tezuka, but neither of them came to help him.

This is me

Hi, I'm Tacuma! I guess the only way to describe me is: hyperactive TezuFuji fangirl, even thought I'm not very hyperactive in RL. More like extremely lazy ^_^"

Like I said, TezuFuji, it's my OTP of OTP's. I write fanfiction about them. At the moment I'm writing Detective Tezuka, a multichapter detective story, and Prince of the Rings, a PoT and LOTR crossover. Please read them and let me know what you think ^_^

I'm also a c(r)osplayer. You can find photos here on my journal. I cosplay Tezuka and luckily my cosplay-Fuji is not afraid of a little TezuFuji love XD I hope I can cosplay Rosalina from the Mario series soon. I <3 Nintendo

This beautiful lay-out is made by elysis! A present for my 22nd birthday! Thank you so much Ely-chan!

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