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Predictor of the Future - Chapter 6

Title: Predictor of the Future
Writer: Tacuma
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Chapter: 6
Genre: AU, romance, friendship, angst
Word count: 1624 words
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis

Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Chapter 6

Fuji was almost seven. He had been at the castle for about two years and was completely used to his new life. He knew all the people who lived at the square and they all knew him. He knew all of their houses and he knew every single place in the school building. Fuji was a curious boy and wanted to know everything!

So when he knew all about the servants who lived outside, he planned to explore the castle. Yuuta followed him everywhere. He started with his own room. It was still his room, he could move in there whenever he wanted, but he preferred sleeping in the boy's room. The room hadn't changed since he had slept there the first night, except that his clothes were in the closet. He had more clothes than most of the other kids, because he had different outfits for when he had to appear in front of the king, so they didn't fit in the boy's room.

Fuji looked at the other rooms. He tried to open some of thedoors, but most of them were locked. One was open, but it was exactly the same as Fuji's own room. Bored Fuji closed the door again. He went to a different floor. The first floor was no option, because that was where guests of the King stayed and where they King's room was as well. If he was caught at that floor he would get thrown out of the castle.

Instead he went to the attic, Yuuta still following behind. There were only small stairs that lead to the attic, because it was hardly used. Fuji was really surprised by the things he found there. There were boxes filled with books and strange machines he had never seen before. It was rather dark, but the single window let enough light in for Fuji to see what was lying around there. He didn't know what kind of machines it were, but looking back into history he could see what they had been used for or where they still were used for. It wasn't dusty at all, which could mean the things up there were still used often.

He opened one of the boxes. It was filled with all kinds of books. Fuji thought he should tell Tezuka about it, he would definitely want to read those. He had already read all the books they had at school. Fuji searched through the books a little and found a few interesting ones. He wasn't sure if he should already take one for Tezuka. What if somebody would find out it was him who took it. They might think he had stolen it! No, he wouldn't take it, he would tell Tezuka about it later and maybe they could come here together one day.

'What are you doing here?' asked a voice suddenly. Fuji looked up at a man. He had only seen him a few times before. He didn't know who it was and he didn't know what to say.

'Oh, it's the Seer- kid,' said another voice. 'What are you doing here, boy?' It was asked more friendly this time.

'I…' stuttered Fuji. 'I was drawn to this room. I think something is here that called me and I was searching for it.'

In the few years of his life Fuji had found out that people didn't understand him and his ability. They thought he communicated with ghosts, that he could see auras or that he could feel it when something was wrong. In situations like this Fuji gladly helped to let them think that way, so he could escape punishment.

'I see,' said one of the men. 'Have you found what you were searching for then?'

'Not yet, I just started searching, but I think it might have something to do with those books. Do you think I can take one to make sure?'

'Yeah, if you want to,' said the man. 'Just make sure to put it back in the same box when you're done with it.'

'I will, but I might have to read the books to find out which one of them it is.'

'Fine as well, you can take them and read them, but make sure to put them back in the exact same place, alright? We'll be taking this machine to the kitchen, so continue searching if you want.'

Fuji nodded and thanked them. He took a book from one of the boxes and then watched what the two guys were doing. They weren't servants, because they didn't wear the uniform. With the book in his hands he followed them downstairs, all the way to the basement. He stopped when the men entered the kitchen.

'Want to come in?' asked the man who was broader and probably a lot stronger than the other.

'Can I?' asked Fuji. Without waiting for a reply he stepped into the kitchen and looked around. It was bigger than he thought it would be. From the outside it looked really small. It had to be big if they wanted to cook all the food for the big banquets King Atobe held every now and then.

'You are Fuji-kun, right?' asked one of the guys. Fuji nodded. 'I'm Kawamura Takashi, I'm one of the cooks. Nice to meet you.'

'I'm Ohtori Choutarou, I'm the other cook.'

'You cook all the food together?' asked Fuji. They had to make lots for King Atobe and the people who would dine with him, but also for all the servants and other people who worked at the castle.

'Yes, we have a few assistants, but we do most of the work ourselves,' said Ohtori. 'We're used to it, it's not that difficult to cook for many people if you know how to do so.'

'What's that machine for?' asked Fuji curiously. The men didn't seem to mind answering his questions. He had try to find answer about the machine in the future and in the history of the machine, but he didn't recognize the food that was made in it.

'It's for special snacks,' said Kawamura. 'The King has a few special guests and he wants a special sweet snack for them. If you put corn in this and you heat it something interesting happens. Want to see?'

Fuji had already seen it, but he said yes anyway. Ohtori made sure the machine was warm and Kawamura went to get some corn. He put a whole bag of corn into the machine and then they waited. Fuji thought it was more spectacular when he had seen the machine work with his ability, but after a minute or two it started. The corn started to pop and every time one of the grains popped it jumped up. Fuji laughed at the sound and the sight and the men laughed with him.

When all the corn had popped the turned off the heater and opened the machine. The smell was really good and Fuji hoped he would get to taste it. But Ohtori took the popped corn and put it in a bowl. He threw a little sugar over it and then mixed it. With a spoon he took a few and put them on a plate. He gave the plate to Fuji.

'Want to try some of them?'

Fuji took the plate and put one of the corns in his mouth. 'It doesn't taste like corn anymore!' he said surprised. He put another one in his mouth and tried again. It was nice, warm and sweet. While eating he watched how the two cooks put some more corn into the machine and threw salt over it this time. Fuji could try again.

'I like the salt one better,' the little Seer said.

'Really?' asked Kawamura. 'Most people like the sweet ones more. I like the sweet ones more.'

'Can I do something for you?' asked Fuji. 'To thank you for the food?'

'There is no need to,' answered Ohtori with a smile. He liked the little boy.

'Really?' asked Fuji. By now he had found out that almost everyone had questions about their future that they would like to have answered. Most of the times Fuji didn't answer them. He knew the future could be disappointing, but he wanted to do something in return for the cooks.

'Well…' started Kawamura shyly. 'There is something I would like to know.'

Fuji smiled brightly. 'What is it?'

'Will I find myself a cute wife?' The cheeks of the cook turned red and he looked at the floor.

'It's difficult to answer,' said Fuji. 'I can see different futures for you, depending on the choices you will make, but in most of those futures I see a woman.'

Kawamura seemed relieved. 'Who is it? What does she look like?'

'I don't know her,' said Fuji. 'And in some futures it's another woman than in other futures, but I can see they really like you.'

'What about me?' asked Ohtori. The two guys were still young, but hardly left the kitchen, so they hardly met any girls.

Fuji nodded. 'I can see you with a woman as well, but it will take a long time. Kawamura-san will find a wife first.'

'But I will have a wife, right?' asked the tall cook.

'Yes, you will,' smiled Fuji.

'Thank you so much! Here, take some more of the salt ones,' said Ohtori. He put some more of the popped corn in Fuji's hands. 'Come back whenever you want and don't forget to put the book back in place, alright?'

Fuji promised and left the kitchen while chewing on his popped corn. He hoped Tezuka would like the books. Maybe he would want some popped corn as well.

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